Randi Tytingvaag

Great review in Wiesenbadener Kurier

"Mit bezaubernder Stimme und gefühlvollen Gesten erzählt sie Geschichten aus ihrem Leben, einfühlsam, poetisch und virtuos begleitet von Dag Sindre Vagle an der Gitarre und Erlend Aasland (Banjo, Gitarre, Klavier)."

"With an enchanting voice and soulful gestures she is telling stories  from her life, sensitive, poetic and virtuosic accompanied by Dag Sindre Vagle on guitar and and Erlend Aasland ( banjo, guitar , piano ) ." Marie Roth



09.01 2016: Hamburg, Hamburger Klangkirche, Randi Tytingvåg Trio

10.01 2016: Berlin, Die Norwegische Seemannskirche, Randi Tytingvåg Trio

29.01 2016: Stavanger, Rock mot kreft, De Røde Sjøhus , Randi Tytingvåg Trio

05.02 2016: Bryne, Mandistunet, Randi Tytingvåg Trio

07.02 2016: Hundvåg, Hundvåg kapell, Randi Tytingvåg Trio

11.02 2016: Kassel, Theaterstübchen, Randi Tytingvåg Trio

12.02 2016: Bad Hersfeld, Buchcafé, Randi Tytingvåg Trio

13.02 2016: Dresden, Dreikönigskirche, Randi Tytingvåg Trio

14.02 2016: Hamburg, Die Norwegische Seemannskirche, Randi Tytingvåg Trio

16.03 2016: Stavanger, Stavanger konserthus, Randi Tytingvåg and Britt-Synnøve Johansen with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra

04.04 2016: Stavanger, Sølvberget, duo with Dag S. Vagle

06.04 2016: Stavanger, Stavanger konsertus, Randi Tytingvåg Trio (an evening with Per Fugelli)

21.04 2016: Haugesund, Festiviteten, Randi Tytingvåg and Britt-Synnøve Johansen with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra

05.06 2016: Stavanger, Kampen kirke, Randi Tytingvåg Trio

11.06 2016 Kvitsøy, duo with Dag S. Vagle

30.06 2016: Karmøy, Skudefestivalen, Hanne Sørvaag, Britt-Synnøve Johansen, Randi Tytingvåg

05.08 2016: Island Föhr, summer concert at church St. Johannis, Randi Tytingvåg Trio

06.08.2016: Rheingau, Rheingau Musik Festival, Randi Tytingvåg Trio

07.08 2016: Senftenberg, Randi Tytingvåg Trio

28.08 2016: Ogna, Helgåleiren, Randi Tytingvåg Trio

20.10 2016: Bryne, Mandistunet, Randi Tytingvåg Trio

21.10 2016: Kasch Achim, Kulturhaus Alter Schützenhof, Randi Tytingvåg Trio

22.10 2016: House concert, Bad Hersfeld, Randi Tytingvåg Trio

13.11 2016: Stavanger, Sunde kirke, Randi Tytingvåg Trio

17.11 2016: Nürnberg, Nuejazzfestival, Randi Tytingvåg Trio

18.11 2016: Karlsruhe, Hemingway Lounge, Randi Tytingvåg Trio

19.11 2016: Stavanger, Stavanger vise- og poesifestival, Randi Tytingvåg Trio

18.12 2016: Stavanger, Stavanger konserthus, Julestjerner: Hanne Sørvaag, Britt Synnøve Johansen, Randi Tytingvåg


Great review of our Christmas concert in Stavanger Aftenblad

"The combination of talented people, good music, original program, splendid arrangements and beautiful vocal harmonies is nothing but great!" Kine Hult



Great review of the concert in Darmstadt 20.09.2015

Sober, insistent, convincing

DARMSTADT. The audience in the town church was really enthusiastic. The singer Randi Tytingvåg convinces with her simplicity and intensity.


Some of the pieces written by Tytingvåg made us think of Pete Seeger and the folk music of the early sixties ; she proves a competent view of the genre with a wonderful version of Gillian Welch song " Hard Times."  Gerd Döring


Nice report from Egersund Visefestival 2015

"Randi Tytingvåg Trio , with Erlend Egeberg Aasland and Day Sindre Vagles, captivated the audience  with their sincerty, and many of us were brought to tears during this special concert.

(..) After the concert I heard several people say that Randi Tytingvåg Trio was worth the whole festival ticket in itself!" Karianne Artnzen


Great review of THREE in Dag og Tid

"Tytingvåg is not only a great singer, she is also a songwriter with a strong message.


Her minimalistic phrasing is an expressive artform in itself."

Dag og Tid, Lars Mossefinn


Great concert review in Dalane Tidene

Here are some quotes from a great review of our concert at Egersund Visefestival 03.07.2015.

"Randi Tytingvåg Trio, with their intense and honest presence, gave the audience a beautiful music experience in the church on Friday.

(...) We actually prefer Randi Tytingvåg Trio's versions of the songs rather than Doris Day and The Everly Brothers. The three musicians from Rogaland have managed to add their very own, personal touch to these classics from the music history.

It was a true delight to hear them."   Daland Tidene, Frøydis Bredeli


A fine French review of THREE

Here is a quote from a fine review of THREE in a French magazine in a recent edition:

"This sensual young Norwegian singer reveals
an irresistible charm. She is an acclaimed singer in Norway, and now she introduces herself to us with pop songs and some classic standards that revisit with humor and elegance. Accompanied with finesses on guitar, banjo and piano, she has made a very transparent recording. It has been recorded live by Per Ravnaas the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK)."

Great review of the concert at Orre 02.06

"Tytingvåg has a great range and dynamics in her voice; from a sparkling, clear soprano to a warm, husky colour in the lower range.The arrangements are elegant, almost like chamber music, with polyfonic lines accompanying the melody."  Karl Fjogstad


More good reviews!

From the June issue of the Polish magazine Audio:

”Her voice is very gentle but at the same time convincingly strong and clear. When it blends with the beautiful backing vocals of her musicians it creates a sound that makes us feel like we are in a festival gig in the Midwest.” Cecary Gunminsky



Rzeczpospolita, a national daily newspaper in Poland:

”This is a minimalist production of high-impact.

Arranged with taste and with restrained virtuosity. Pay attention and put these songs to heart.”



The Italian online newspaper Affaritaliani:

” Three is a successful mix of country, emotional presence, folk, chamber music and jazz elements.

…persuasive, full of charm and slightly stinging..”





Great review at gaffa.dk

" A new Eva Cassidy  - located in Norway."
" …a crystal clear voice with depth and authenticity."
"She demonstrates a natural, light control of her instrument and sound."


Wonderful review of the concert in Zehdenick 23.May

Sabine Slatosch from Gransee-Zeitung describes our music as heartfelt and sincere; a tribute to hope. She also emphasizes the subtle arrangements and mature craftsmanship of our trio.


More good reviews of THREE

DAGBLADET - 5 of 6:

"Essential, mellow and beatuiful." Fredrik Wandrup



Hamar Arbeiderblad - 5 of 6:

"..its fragile and minimalistic, but at the same time it has an intence core and fine balance." Geir Vestad



Vårt Land

"Her own songs stand remarkably well between the classics."
And she also mangages to put her signature on the cover songs." Olav Solvang




One of the highlights at Maijazz

Jan Granlie/ salt-Peanuts.eu  points out the relase concert of THREE as one of the highlights of this years Maiajazz festival.

"..a fantastic voice and a storytelling we believe in all the way..."


Interviews about the album THREE

Stavanger Aftenblad, by Leif Tore Lindø:



Dagsavisen, by Roald Helgheim:



Rogalands Avis, by Ole S. Nerheim:


Great Norwegian reviews for THREE!

" Randi Tytingvåg is a singer with a unique voice that can take her very far.


Vagle and Aasland is a perfect match, and the three of them simply sound perfect together."

Tor Hammerø




"Worldclass singer."  Stavanger Aftenblad, Geir Flatøe




Great review in salt-peanuts.eu

"Vocalist Randi Tytingvåg from Stavanger is a vocalist who can really tell the good stories.  (..) Her own composition «Home», «Good Times», «Waltz in C» and «Change» might make their way into the classic standard repertoire." Jan Granlie


More good reviews!

Jazz Special (DK):

"This is feel-good music it its best, subtle and full of charm."


In Music (DE):

"No doubt, Randi has a siginficant and versatile voice that feels at home in any genre." Ute Bahn


Great feature at HR 2 Kultur, by Sebastian Schreiber:


“Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik”

Exciting news! THREE is nominated for the German record critics' award “Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik”, in the folk & singer/songwriter category.


Concert review from Oldenburg

"The music of Randi Tytingvåg is as if you walk on your tiptoes over a lake with very this ice - quiet and fragile, and incredibly intense. It can be described in one word: beautiful. (...)Balm for the soul."  Thomas Haselier


Great reviews of THREE in Germany!

„In ihrer stiloffenen Musik jenseits des Jazz betont die Norwegerin ihre Singer-Songwriter-Qualitäten und bedient sich der amerikanischen Folk & Country Roots.“
„In her stylistically open music beyond jazz Randi Tytingvåg emphasizes her singer-songwriter qualities and incorporates the American folk & country roots.”
-       rbb Kulturradio „The Voice“ (DE)
„Album der Woche“http://www.mdr.de/mdr-figaro
„Album of the week“
-       MDR Figaro (DE)
„Pop-Album des Monats“
„Pop-album of the month”
-       Stereo (DE)
„Randi Tytingvåg gelingt mit „Three“ ihr bislang überzeugendstes Werk.“
„’Three’ is Randi Tytingvåg most convincing work so far.”
-       Concerto (AT)
„A truly amazing discovery.“  http://ginalovesjazz.com/randi-tytingvag
-       Ginalovesjazz.com (DE)

Christmas Tour 2014


Autumn 2014

11.10.2014: Sandnes, RAS/Sandnes kulturhus: Sirkel (for children)

16.10.2014 : Nærbø, Holdeplassen https://www.facebook.com/events/

02.11.2014:  Sola ruinkirke (arrangement by LUB)

12.11.2014: guest apperance at concert with Bjørn Eidsvåg and Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Stavanger concert house

13.11.2014: guest apperance at concert with Bjørn Eidsvåg and Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Stavanger concert house

14.11.2014: guest apperance at concert with Bjørn Eidsvåg and Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Stavanger concert house

15.11.2014: guest apperance at concert with Bjørn Eidsvåg and Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Stavanger concert house

09.12.2014:  Varhaug kyrkje, Julestjerner (Britt-Synnøve Johansen, Hanne Sørvaag, Randi Tytingvåg)

16.12.2014: Sauda, Julestjerner

17.12.2014: Haugesund, Festiviteten, Julestjerner http://festiviteten.no/alle/julestjerner/

18.12.2014: Sandnes, Hana kirke, Julestjerner

21.12.2014: Stavanger konserthus, Julestjerner http://www.stavanger-konserthus.no/event


Spring 2014

08.03 2014: Sandnes, Kinokino. Concert in collaboration with the choir Concentus.

20.04 2014: Halle, Konzerthalle Ulrichskirche        

22.04 2014: Dresden, Dreikönigskirche                                              

23.04 2014: Bad Hersfeld, Buchcafe

24.04 2014: Berlin, B-flat                                               

25.04 2014: Zehdenick, Klosterscheune Zehdenick                  

26.04 2014: Heilbronn, Jazzclub Cave 61          

Christmas Concerts 2013

Also this Christmas I am collaborating with the great artists Britt-Synnøve Johansen and Hanne Sørvaag. We are the trio "Julestjerner" and we will perform two shows on the 22nd of December in the concert house in Stavanger. I am really looking forward to this! Great vocal harmonies, lots of fun and nostalgic memories. And a wonderful band!


Concerts autumn 2013

24.08 2013 Sola, Sola kulturhus

06.09 2013 Finnøy, Otto-huset

07.09 2013 Arendal, Munkehaugen scene

10.09 2013 Stavanger, Viseklubben, Arkivet/Newsman

12.09 2013 Jørpeland, Rosehagen

26.09 2013 Stavanger, Kampen kirke

22.12 2013 Stavanger, "Julestjerner" Stavanger konserthus

Great review in All About Jazz!

"...the pieces are closer to a type of Scandinavian chanson—strongly appealing while, at the same time, profound and touching."  Andy Shaw


19 of 20 points for LIGHTS OUT in "Musik an sich"!

"Lights Out is delicate, dark and hopeful music with great lyrics. Randi Tytingvåg confirms that she is one the best singers from her homeland and beyond.

Recommendation!" Ingo Andruschkewitsch


6 of 6 points for LIGHTS OUT in Østlendingen:

"The first song "Blind Ignorance" is just incredibly beautiful. It strikes you right away; a classic folk-song that goes straight to your heart and soul." Geir Hovensjø



Great review of Lights Out in JAZZNYTT

"...singer-songwriter tradition with elements of blues and roots. (...) Very emotional and personal lyrics without getting private. (...) Randi Tytingvåg has a fantastic voice and she sure knows how to use ut. No release have made a stronger impact on me in a very very long time." Roy Ervin Solstad

Review in Rocktimes!

"The musical expression the artist here represents is so strong in its storytelling that it really gets to me. (...) Wonderful and intense music, this record is definitely on my "best of" list this year." Wolfgang Giese



A brand new concert/dance performance for children will be shown on the 9th of May at the Maijazz festival in Stavanger. SIRKEL is the title of this exciting new project made by dancer/coreographer Therese Markhus and singer/composer Randi Tytingvåg. These are also involved:

Bodhild Vossgård - cello, loop station

Karl Oskar Sørdal - light technician and designer

Thomas Lønning - sound technician



21.03 2013 Kassel, Theaterstübchen
22.03 2013 Dudelange, Luxembourg
06.04 2013 Bømlo, Bømlo Kulturhus
09.04 2013 Stavanger, St.Petri kirke
10.04 2013 Orstad, Orstad & Frøyland kirke
11.04 2013 Molde, Storyville jazzklubb
12.04 2013 Ulsteinvik, Sjøborg kulturhus
24.04 2013 Nesodden, Nesodden jazzklubb
25.04 2013 Kolbotn, Kullebunden jazzklubb
11.05 2013 Bonn, Germany (Jazzfest)
22.06 2013 Ringerike, Det Sydvestlandske Kulturselskap
19.07 2013 Neue Bühne Senftenberg,
                 Amphitheater Senftenberg
20.07 2013 Nürnberg, St. Katharina Open air

Christmas 2012



Hanne Sørvaag - vocals

Britt-Synnøve Johansen - vocals

Randi Tytingvåg - vocals

Band: Gjertrud Økland (violin), Espen Westbye (trumpet), Knut Aabø (grand piano),

John Lilja (double bass, oud, el-bass) and Pål Hausken (drums, percussion).

Guest apperance: Janne Hagen (vocals), Dag Sindre Vagle (vocals, guitar) and Varden children choir and The Loveley Orchestra.



Great review in Strandbuen:

"A magical chuch concert."


Britt-Synnøve Johansen - vocals, glockenspiel, flute

Janne Hagen - vocals, autoharp

Randi Tytingvåg - vocals, piano

Dag Sindre Vagle - vocals, guitar


Check out more pictures on my facebook fanpage:





An article about the making of the music video Paper Tiger:


"Audio Philer Tipp" and cover girl in Ars Music! Das Magazin

"Seeking real grounding and truth."


IMPATIENCE - new music video!

Check out my new music video:






My fourth solo album will soon be out!


Relase date in Norway: 02.03 2012

International release:   27.04 2012



08.03 2012 Oslo, Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria

22.03 2012 Stavanger, Teaterhallen/Rogaland Teater

23.03 2012 Oldenburg, Kulturetage "Voices"

29.03 2012 Halle/Saale, Objekt 5

30.03 2012 Kassel, Theaterstübchen "Jazzfrühling Kassel"

31.03 2012 Marburg, KFZ (55° Nord)

01.04 2012 Schwäb. Hall, Hospitalkirche "Int. JazzArt Festival"


Concert with Jan Ingvar Toft, 22nd of January

Jan Ingvar Toft is in my opinion the best vocalist and storyteller in Norway - he is my absolute favourite! His presence and honesty makes a deep impact. I got to know him in 2006/07 when we worked together in Skyfri himmel at Rogaland Theatre.

I will make a guest appearance at his concert in Stavanger Concert House on the 22nd of January. I am really looking forward to it!

Stavanger Concert House 22nd of January, 1PM.

Christmas Concerts 2011

A brilliant trio: Randi Tytingvåg, Hanne Sørvaag, Britt-Synnøve Johansen

09.12: Hjelmeland kirke, Hjelmeland

15.12: Festiviteten, Haugesund

18.12: Stavanger konserthus, Stavanger (two concerts: 5.30 PM and 8 PM)


Randi Tytingvåg, Hanne Sørvaag, Britt-Synnøve Johansen: vocals

Gjertrud Økland: violin

Knut Aabø: piano

John Lilja: double bass, vocals

Pål Hausken: drums, percussion, glockenspiel


Interview in Klassekampen


NRK Rogaland Radio

Wednesday 26th of Oct 5 PM


Rogaland Theatre

MOR: Eg konne vel tenkt meg å gå heile Den kinesiske mur

I am now working at Rogaland Theatre in the new play "MOR: Eg konne vel tenkt meg å gå heile Den kinesiske mur" by author Rønnaug Kleiva. The play is also starring the great actress Sally Nilsson. She is the mother and I am the daughter. A story that hopefully will touch and challenge our audience. The story is based on compositions from my two albums Let Go and RED. But it also includes a few completely new tracks. I have worked closely with Rønnaug Kleiva and translated the English lyrics into Norwegian.

For more information:


Great review at NRK Rogaland:




Randi Tytingvåg is a Norwegian singer and songwriter with roots in the jazz genre. She is known for her warm, clear, distinctive voice. She has a strong presence and an honest way of communicating with the audience. Her compositions and lyrics have integrity and underline her talent for storytelling.

Listen to my songs